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Hosting email in-house and using voice-over IP technology in your telephony systems are two ways you can save big on practice overhead. Notonly that, it can help keep doctors, nurses, technologists, and office assistants in touch anywhere with webmail access and call-forwarding functionality. Login and file servers are effective tools in boosting productivity. Allocating each employee a unique user ID grants access from anyapproved terminal in the network, and also offers file permission and internetrestriction capabilities to fine-tune the experience desired by officeadministrators.

Systems which store sensitive personal or medical data are potential targets for cybercriminals, just like those storing credit card andbilling information. These systems must meet certain minimum standards toensure confidentiality of patient information, and they also must be periodically analyzed for risk factors. On top of that, any computer using theinternet is susceptible to hordes of trojan and malware programs that slow down performance across the network. Typically, these issues are beyond the scope of an office manager’s skillset, but often times offices smaller than 10 or 15 employees have no need for dedicated IT support. Our contracted approach makes sure you pay for the support you need when you need it, and keeps your operating cost to a minimum when you don’t.

When we link your computers and peripherals to each other and the Internet, we make sure your firewalls are secure. Securing a firewall properly means that your network will be protected from
outside intrusion, but it still allows the free flow of data. Our expert DataFast technicians can lay out all your cabling and connections after designing a local area network that works most efficiently for your needs.

DataFast offers our business computer services everywhere in the Maricopa County area, and just like our computer repair shop, we bring the service to you. Please bring in your computer to our shop orwe will make the trip to your home or office to provide you with hands-on service. We are also available for remote service by secure Internet connection.

DataFast understands the complex issues involved in establishing a network. We have lots of experience working in residences and businesses. We make sure the infrastructure for your specific network functions most efficiently for you. Whether it is linking a desktop to your laptop and tablet in a residence by Wi-Fi service, or connecting in-house servers and terminals for a business, our specialists will meet your needs.

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