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Apple and Macbook Repair Service

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If you are an Apple or Mac user you know that Macs are clean, sophisticated, high-end, well built, packed with great features and look great. Macs are made up of the same basic internal parts as all other computers. The main difference between a Mac and a PC are the programs running on the hardware. Windows and Mac OS are different in user interface, how each program runs, as well as file structure. Besides the sleek design, this is where the Mac is vastly different than a PC. Most users will find the ease of use of the Mac to be preferable, where using your Mac means things just work.

When it comes to mac repair and service, DataFast is the valleys #1 Apple repair company! Not only do we repair PC's we are experts in Mac repair!  We deal with everything from failed hard drives, Mac data recovery, iMac repair, Macbook repair, Macbook Air LCD replacement, you name it.  We’ve seen it all and are specialists in Mac hardware and repairs.  We even repair Mac Mini’s!  It’s all about the same basic components; the hard drive, memory, CPU, and power supply, and making sure that everything is configured to work optimally. If you are having a problem with your Mac, be it either a hardware issue that is causing your otherwise speedy Mac to slow down, or a software issue where you are getting odd uncommon errors, please give us a call and talk to one of our experienced technicians about how we can help you. And feel free to check out our other menu items specific to the Mac you own.

iMac Repair Peoria

The iMac is one of Apple’s leading desktop products.  It is an “all-in-one” computer.  This means the iMac has all the core components built into a single device.  The space saving design is great for portability and style. Being an all-in-one means the hard drive, processor, motherboard, memory, power supply, nearly everything a normal computer has is built onto a single frame.  It offers desktop computing power with laptop compactness.

Bring your iMac in for:

  • Failing hard drive
  • Mac data recovery
  • Bad power supply
  • Broken or dim LCD screen
  • Broken USB ports
  • Bad motherboard / logic board
  • Bad CD / DVD / BluRay driveHardware and software upgrades

MacBook Repair Service

The original MacBook, which is distinguishable due to sporting a white or black case, was one of the best selling Macs. As they are now older, we see plenty of them in for Mac repair. Most older laptops have hard drive issues or screen issues or screen problems, and the MacBook is no different. The MacBook was the first series to use Intel based processors, which with the added power, overheating issues have become common.

We are experts in:

  • MacBook disassembly
  • MacBook memory upgrades / replacement
  • MacBook hard drive crashes
  • MacBook LCD replacement
  • MacBook hinge replacement
  • Mac OS upgrades and software issues

MacBook Air Repair Service

The MacBook Air is the most sleek, stylish Mac to date. With its ultra-thin design and light weight, it is easy to carry around! When it comes to Mac repair, the MacBook Air requires much more attention to detail to get things done correctly. Everything is fitted so precisely in the MacBook Air that you really need expert experience with these devices to get the repair done right the first time.

Bring your MacBook Air in for:

  • LCD screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Data recovery or software help

Macbook Pro Repair Service

For power computing on a laptop, the MacBook Pro is a finely manufactured workhorse. The current design includes a strong aluminum unibody and a good number of ports, including a Thunderbolt port. The main Mac repair requests we receive usually deal with software, and although we’ve seen broken LED screens, bad hard drives, and the occasional cosmetic issue, these laptops are made to last.

Bring your MacBook Pro in for:

  • LCD screen replacement
  • Hard drive failure problems
  • Data recovery
  • Overheating or slowness problems
  • Memory upgrades

Mac Mini Repair Peoria

The Mac Mini is a very flexible computer. It is capable of so much yet has a compact, unassuming size. The size is a little daunting until you realize you get the full power of most computers without the extra bulk.

Mac Mini Repair Issues:

  • Mac Mini hard drive failure
  • Mac Mini broken USB ports
  • Mac Mini server setup
  • Mac Mini power supply repair
  • Mac Mini wall mounting

Mac Pro Repair Peoria

The Mac Pro is the most customizable of the Apple products, and is usually a step ahead of the curve offering more memory, hard drive storage, and processing power than most out of the box PCs.  When repairing a Mac Pro, the main issue is data recovery. This is because so many professionals work on these devices, and when those hard drives fail, getting the data back is essential. We understand how important that data is, and make sure to take every step to get that data back safely.

Our professionals will help with:

  • Data recovery
  • Video card upgrades or replacement
  • Deleted file recovery
  • Overheating problems
  • Memory upgrades
  • Hard drive failure replacement

If you have any questions about repairs for your iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro or any computer repair in general, please give us a call to speak with one of our expert technicians!

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