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While more people are relying on technology to get things done now than ever before, it is still an unfortunate fact that parts of modern computers are designed to wear out. Traditional hard drives rarely have a lifespan longer than 7 years. Accidentally cracked screens are among the most popular reasons consumers replace their otherwise functioning machine. Don’t have your hand forced into “starting over,” when yours can usually be repair for a quarter of the cost!

Wireless Networking
“Limited or no connectivity”? Whether its connecting a printer to the network for online use by any device in the home, or extending your signal into the man cave for around the league updates on your tablet while you’re tuned in the big game, we’ve got you covered. Most configurations can be performed within an hour of service, and our friendly knowledgeable staff of technicians are happy to clear up any trepidation you may have about wireless networking and your security.

Remote Support
Unable to bring your computer into the store? For the convenience of our residential customers, we now extend the same on-demand remote support provided to contracted businesses into the home. After a couple of quick setup steps, our technicians can access your computer through the internet and help with things like setting up a new printer, adding or removing user accounts, configuring email clients, or installing programs.

Computer Sales
We’ve grown our business here in the Valley as a trusted support provider, and when the time comes to replace or upgrade their machines, businesses turn to us for our seasoned consultation and sales. Our retail customers benefit not only from our selection of machines priced at every budget, but also our experience pairing users with the perfect PC (or Mac) for their unique demands. We’ll help you find just what you need, and still make sure you get more than you pay for. With professionally refurbished computers starting at as little as $149, what are you waiting for?

Judging by some info recently put together by our enterprise network security partner, TrendMicro, cybecriminals and adware engineers are becoming increasingly predatory. Large databases of demographic information, as well as acute attention to topics of interest to the general public open up even computers with the heaviest protection available to malicious attacks that leave executable residue. Get back up to speed with our comprehensive system analysis and cleanup, or purchase an annual service contract for peace of mind all year round.

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